Reels are being used for displaying and calculate the results. The original slot machines are five reeled but a simple version of slots which used three reels becomes more popular and reliable. In three reel slots machine each reel includes 10 display numbers. The probability of getting the winning combination is 1000 proportional to 1 which means the return of the player comes when the player bets 1000 times. It's quite boring and lengthy process. However twenty two more symbols add into the reel which makes the combination increases 10000 times. Some slots manufacturers include a weight particular symbol into their products. The symbol comes into the reel only one time but it could be occupied on multiple reels. All the slots game machine manufacturers follows Telnaes mapping or reel mapping for building slots machine. The patent states one virtual reel which can have more than 256 virtual stops which allow 16,777,216 final positions in three reel slots machine. A big jackpot can be choose like one million dollar but one thing it can happen only one time in each 16.7 million times play.


With the advancement of modern technology slot game machine get some change. Reels, lever or bar is now an historical matter for slot machine game. Almost all the slot machine gets computerized and reels are replaced by graphical reel on the monitor and the bar is replaced by the click button. Microprocessors are integrated into the modern machines which assign different probability on each symbol of the reel. Though the probability is corporately low but the microprocessor helps the player to feel that the winning combination is closer to him.

Video slot machines

Video slot machine is the most recent innovative integration into the slot machine. Most of the video slot machine offers five reels instead of showing three reels. Each of the reels have more than 50 symbol and the probability is going odd like million to 1. Instead of jackpot there a few symbol which contains high payment and which are going to appear frequently that means customers don't have to wait for payment since long time. Video slot machine encourages the players to use multiple pay line. The player who is going to play slot games using multiple lines the probability of his winning is increases and of course he has to maintain the betting higher. The players who use multiple lines playing method he might be get paid on each spin. There is no more part into the video slots machine game. However, the manufacturers are also offered a few striking elements such as bonus games along with advance video graphics.

These slots games are flow away their money which is the feelings of the recent customers. The feelings of the customers are removed by introducing multiline pay. Most of time manufacturers offer a few bonus games which helps to return their money. This offer always encourages the players to play the slots machine game.

The Game
Selected Casinos
  Casino Rating
1. Win Palace 10
Bonus: 200% / $250
2. Online Vegas 10
Bonus: 150% / $300
3. Club USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $400
4. Rome 10
Bonus: 300% / €300
5. Slots Plus USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $125
6. Rushmore 10
Bonus: 75% / $200
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