Progressive Slots

Well Progressive slots machine is a group of lots of slot machines linked jointly through a network. Jackpot of the big progressive is made by winning a profit of the all money played keep on the machine. It means that jackpot go on to raise as more people take part in the machine until someone hits the winning sings for the highest prize. It is for the slots machines that propose the life altering jackpots. All progressive slot machines are not the same and have different payout options. Actually there are three different kinds of progressive slots machine.

Progressive of the Stand Alone:

Progressives of the stand alone machine are not connected to other machine. In place of having a set top jackpot that takes a profit of the coins played as well as adds it to the prize for the maximum winning combination. You can see the jackpot in a meter in the front of it. In mainly cases the profit is up to others machine of that value but it just circulated differently to offer you a changing amount for the highest award. Jackpots of the progressive machines of the stand alone is much lesser that the one from machine that are connected together.

Progressive of Proprietary or in- House:

These machines connected together and operated and owned through the casino. They perhaps just in linked together or a single casino with some properties if the gambling company owns over one casino. Generally they hit more frequently that the large wide area progressives.

Progressive of Wide Area:

These machines, that gives the life alerting jackpots. These machines are connected together from lots of unrelated casinos. The machines are operated through an operated before a single gambling company. Share of the casino in a profit of the jackpot but the operator holds the games. The jackpots perhaps big but are so your chances beating the big award. Because of the expenses of linking machine as well as the administrative expenses to run these wide area games, the payback profit on the machines is much lesser than on others slot.

If you eager to play the progressive slots then I suggested you that you should concentrate on the In House progressives or Stand Alone progressives. Most important to memorize that before play these games you should more read about these progressive slots. Progressive slots are so entertaining. Have fun!

The Game
Selected Casinos
  Casino Rating
1. Win Palace 10
Bonus: 200% / $250
2. Online Vegas 10
Bonus: 150% / $300
3. Club USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $400
4. Rome 10
Bonus: 300% / €300
5. Slots Plus USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $125
6. Rushmore 10
Bonus: 75% / $200
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