Every straight slot machine has a payout list to identify the amount of the coins for bet. The prize for single coin bet can payout 800 coins, a 2 coin bet recompense 16,00 coins but a three coin bet may pay a prize of 24,00 coins. The main payout will vary depending on the price of the coin size. For this special payment scale, if the price of the coin size is 50 cents then a bet of three coins will payout $1200 but the payout will be $2400 when the coin size is $1. For a straight slot machine this payment will same for all time.

The winning payouts depend on the payment schedule. Winning payouts are different for different machine.

Analysis of a payout schedule:

Depending on the difference between progressive slots jackpot payout and straight slot jackpot payout the fixed payout schedule is as like as the following image.

The picture shows the snapshot of the payment table from the "White, Red and Blue" three reel Straight Slot Machine.

From the table we can show that the highest payout for 10000 coins on a 3 coin bet. The highest for a 2 coin bet is 40000 while 2000 for the single coin bet. So, it's clear that the bet holding maximum coin has not only better odds but also payout.

There is no difference between those players who don't pay notice to the payout schedule and who get away from the slot machine without having a coin. Paying attention to the highest payout is not good too.

Examining payout scheduling:

However, the better way of examining payout schedule is observing those symbol combinations which have the lower winning probability. Select such a machine that presents the mainly winning for not only the medium symbol combinations but also for lower symbol combinations. Avoid playing a slot machine minimally because it has highest payout.

This is done because the probability of winning the great jackpot is lower than the probability of winning smaller payouts. It will be a great decision for you to observe the entire payout schedule very carefully.

So you should be very careful for choosing the perfect machine slot. You can apply the techniques discussed above.

The Game
Selected Casinos
  Casino Rating
1. Win Palace 10
Bonus: 200% / $250
2. Online Vegas 10
Bonus: 150% / $300
3. Club USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $400
4. Rome 10
Bonus: 300% / €300
5. Slots Plus USA 10
Bonus: 150% / $125
6. Rushmore 10
Bonus: 75% / $200
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